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Every copter needs batteries. Got Heli RC carries an array of remote control helicopter batteries for a variety of makes and models. Whether you need an RC helicopter battery replacement or a spare to keep on hand in case of an emergency, Got Heli RC has you covered. We carry remote control helicopter batteries from popular brands, including Hyperion and DJI. To ensure your copter is flying with the gear it needs, we also offer battery connectors, straps, chargers, and more. Purchase your RC helicopter battery replacement or pick up a spare today for extended periods of fun.

FPV Racing Drones

Fly ahead of your opponent with an RC FPV Kit and FPV racing drone parts from Got Heli RC. We carry an array of formidable first-person-view drones from a variety of brands including EACHINE, GRAUPNER, iFlight, HYPERION, Spedix, and more. If you need some new FPV racing drone parts to get your machine up to speed, we offer premium motors, power distribution boards, flight controllers, and tools. Practice on a raceway of your own or create an official raceway with our course markers. These markers are available in a variety of colors to help you stay on course for victory. Shop our selection of RC FPV Kits and accessories today.

FPV Racing Drones BNF

Got Heli RC offers an array of BNF FPV drones for racing. These bind-and-fly drones are designed for accuracy and speed. Their first-person view enables flyers to see what the drone "sees” as it races through the sky. These BNF FPV drones don’t include controllers. If you need a controller for your drone, we have new, replacement controllers available for purchase. We sell bind-and-fly drones for racing from established brands, including EACHINE, EMAX, HGLRC, King Kong, Spedix, and more. Our BNF racing drones and accessories are perfect for newcomers and avid racers alike.

FPV Racing Drones PNP

FPV plug-and-play drones are excellent for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. These PNP drones are made for racing and can be used by a variety of flyers. Whether you’re a drone flying veteran or just getting started, you’ll find the drone you’ve been searching for at Got Heli RC. We offer FPV plug-and-play racing drones from popular brands, including Graupner, EMAX, King Kong, and more. Please be aware that because these drones are PNP drones, they don’t come with a charger, receiver, or remote control. If you need these accessories, feel free to browse our site. We carry the components you need to get your drone flying in no time.

FPV Racing Drones RTF

Each ready-to-fly drone includes everything you need to get started on your racing adventure. Depending on the product, some drones include cameras, GPS, incredible flying speeds, and long-distance transmission ranges. From beginners to professionals, our drones and RTF FPV drone kits are designed for virtually any drone flyer. Each ready-to-fly drone for racing is designed to help you achieve victory after victory. Got Heli RC offers RTF FPV drone kits and drones from trusted brands, including DJI, Amimon, EACHINE, SkyTech, and more. Race over the land and capture stunning aerial images with one of our RTF racing drones.


Ensure that your drone stays on course by seeing exactly what it "sees.” Our OSD FPV video accessories enable you to view important flight information, including altitude, distance from original takeoff point, GPS coordinates, air current draw, warnings, battery levels, and more. Our on-screen-display FPV video devices can attach to goggles, monitors, and controllers. While our OSD FPV displays aren’t necessarily required for drone flying, they’re helpful to use. Some of the OSD FPV video accessories we carry include antennas, cameras, goggles, monitors, and on-screen displays. Shop our selection of FPV video devices and get the most out of your drone.

Gyros/Flight Controllers

Optimize your drone flying experience with a new and improved racing drone flight controller. Got Heli RC also carries RC helicopter flight controllers to boost control over your remote-control copter. We offer flight controllers from popular brands, including GAUI, DJI, LAheli, RaceFlight, Tarot, and more. Also included in our collection of racing drone flight controllers and RC helicopter flight controllers are protector cases, Servo leads, extension leads, shock absorber plates, receivers, antennas, and more. Whether you need a replacement part or something new to enhance your drone or RC helicopter, you’ll find the right component at Got Heli RC.


Make sure your remote-control helicopter is getting maximum power and reaching top speed with a brushless helicopter motor from Got Heli RC. We carry motors for a variety of rotorcrafts. We offer heli motors from brands you can trust, including Cobra, DJI, Dual Sky, EMAX, GAUI, iFlight, iPower, Tarot, and more. Our brushless helicopter motors are made from durable designs and premium materials to provide the power you need. Whether you’re a serious hobbyist or a just-for-fun beginner, you’ll find the new or replacement heli motor you need at Got Heli RC. Shop our selection today and take to the skies with confidence.

MultiRotor Accessories

Got Heli RC provides an assortment of vital multi-rotor accessories for your remote-control helicopter. Know your coordinates and fly within appropriate airspace zones with a new GPS unit, give your helicopter a softer landing with new and improved landing gear, and ensure proper power supply with our power distribution boards. Our selection of multi-rotor parts also includes premium retracts, prop adapters, domes, and more. These multi-rotor accessories come from a variety of popular, trusted brands, including Tarot, Got Heli, Matek, and others. For an optimized flying experience, our multi-rotor parts are compatible with a variety of RC helicopter makes and models.


Got Heli RC offers a variety of quality RC helicopter parts and kits. From multi-rotor frames and bright LED lights to durable landing gear and high-quality propellers, we have the replacement parts you’ve been searching for. Our RC helicopter parts and kits are designed for a variety of remote-control copter makes and models, including remote-control copters that fold up. Some of the trusted brands we carry include Align, DJI, iFlight, Robo-Q, Saga, Tarot, and T-Drones. Get your favorite copter going again with a new multi-rotor frame, exterior lighting device, or propellers from Got Heli RC.


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