DSM2 DSMX Compatible Micro Receiver With DSM Output

DSM2 DSMX Compatible Micro Receiver With DSM Output
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DSM2 DSMX Compatible Micro Receiver With DSM Output


Channel: 8 channels (4-8 can be used)
Model type: Multi-axis
Frequency Hopping Format: DSSS
Frequency range: 2.403-2.479ghz
Bandwidth: 500khz-876khz
Number of bands: 256
Receiving sensitivity: -97dbm
Input power: 3.0-3.6V
Response time: 22ms / 11MS
Resolution: 2048
Display method: LED
Operating voltage: 3-3.6V
Working current: 30MA
Size: 9.5mm * 10mm
Weight: 0.5g
Each channel data: Depends on the transmitter
Delay: <15ms
Antenna length: 26mm
Data format (DSC port :): DSM (S801A-P data format is PPM, S801A-D data format is DSM)
Distance: no ground interference (1 m from the ground)> 1000m
Uses: indoor small aircraft.
Compatible Transmitters: DSM2 / DSMX series of remote control

ANT-Gain antenna, GND-Ground, VDD-Input power, Data-DSM or PPM


Small size (micro)
Appearance size: 10 * 9mm
Mini-receiver, for indoor quadcopter, small aircraft.

Long distance
The maximum distance in the wide barrier-free place up to 1000 meters, distance in the indoor environment can be measured is 150 meters to 200 meters.
Dual Main Control chip
Using dual-chip control, processing speed is faster and more stable.
DSM2 / DSMX mode
Use the advanced foreign DSM2 / X mode, anti-interference,there will be no interference whendozens of machines operationat the same time, this is not available by other modes.
Compatible with all of the DSM2 / X model aircraft models remote control. (Such as JR, SPEKTRUM horizon remote control.)

Pacakge Included:
1X2.4G 8CH 0.5g DSM2 DSMX Compatible Mini Receiver With DSM Output

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