Tarot 25mm CNC motor mount for Co-Axial (RED)

Tarot 25mm CNC motor mount for Co-Axial (RED)
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Product Description:
TAROTΦ25MM floating double motor metal suspension seat, can be installed two similar motors, significantly increasing tension and suspended time. Shock ring design reduces interference for high-frequency vibration motor flight controllers, effectively enhance operational performance flight controller. Full use 6061T6 aluminum CNC precision machining for Φ25MM multiaxial carbon tube DIY unmanned aircraft. Carbon plate motor integrated performance beyond the national standard for high strength carbon fiber strip board a performance requirement. Lightweight two-tone metal with a strong overall design perspective impact, provide a good visual direction for the body in the air.
Motor mounting pitch: 16MM / 19MM / 25MM / 27MM equilateral triangle installation.
SIPO had granted TAROT HM Ltd. This product patents. Any unit or individual without the license holders, manufacturing, reproduce, use, sale of infringing this product, we will face patent infringement litigation.
Carbon fixed piece � 1 (66 � 51 � 1.6MM) 6.9G
Metal motor fixed Theravada � 1 (116 � 58 � 17.5MM) 52G
Metal motor fixed Xiazuo � 1 (116 � 58 � 17.0MM) 52G
Within M3 � 10MM large cap sleeve hexagonal screws � 4
Within M3 � 6MM ladder Cup Hexagon Screws � 4
Within M2.5 � 6MM ladder Cup Hexagon Screws � 2
Φ3.2 hexagonal shock ring � 4 (7 � 8MM) 0.3G

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