Graupner GR-24L 12 channels receiver HOTT

Graupner GR-24L 12 channels receiver HOTT
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The Graupner GR-24L HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) 2.4GHz 12 Channel receiver is designed with Graupner's unique telemetry technology, supporting bi-directional data transmission to give the user real-time sensor data. The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference. By utilizing the receiver�s telemetry functions, telemetry data such as input and output signal strength, receiver temperature, battery capacity, and voltage are transmitted real time in-flight to the transmitter for onscreen review and post flight analysis. Featuring a versatile one-chip integrated RF design and MCU (MicroController Unit) chip, the GR-24L receiver is lightweight, has a small form factor, and is well priced. Its small size, low weight, and high quality make it ideal for use in larger or higher channel models. Plus, the use of dual antenna leads make it the lightest, most reliable 12 channel receiver in the industry. Other Graupner telemetry sensors can be plugged in through the dedicated "T� telemetry port via a Y-lead for passing further real-time, in-flight data to the transmitter.

HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION 2.4 GHz technology with two-way telemetry, updatable firmware�the newest features always!

Servo connections in the front panel. All servo/signal connectors are JR style and compatible with both analog and digital servos.

The receiver supports generation of SUMO/SUMI/SUMD signal output on Ch 6 for the convenient use of gyros and control boards

Refresh rate (PERIOD) of 10 and 20ms programmable�20 ms is recommended for use with analog servos to avoid servo "growl�

Small form factor with a 5.5� antenna lead is ideal for small models and for use as a satellite receiver to reduce servo wiring runs
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