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Got Heli RC is dedicated to the hobby of RC rotor-craft.

Brand: Align Multirotors, Laheli, Rotorshape Autogyro, Y-UFO, DJI Innovation, Walkera, Elite Power, Tarot, FlySight, Gaui, Hitec, IFlight Motor/Esc custom brushless gimbal motors, Brushless Gimbal for Sony Nex. Graupner, GemFan, APC propellers, HQProps. FPV FatShark, Immersion and much more...

Holiday Specials (limited time and stock)
1.  Buy FlySight Black Pearl RC801 get FREE RX Cloverleaf and RX Patch antenna.
2.  Buy FlySight SpeXman Goggles get FREE 400mw TX and Cloverleaf (TX,RX)


01/03 Be Stable SteadyGim HandHeld and Rider 3axis gimbal arrived.
01/23 FatShark DOMINATOR HD is here.
01/20 HQPROP Direct Drive 7045 and 3D Reversible 5045 arrived.
01/19 NEW Tarot Folding/Retracts X4, X6, X8 back in stock.
01/15 Iflight MT2204 and MT2206 for Mini
01/14 Iflight T-syle 8" to 18" carbon prop.
01/08 DualSky Xmotor MR motors in stock!